Wisdom and Spirituality

March 21, 2009

I am in a dream, in that dream I was running with some people. I saw places from the middle of a mountain and the day’s hour is before midday.

With me there are few people. That people are suffering the devastation of the war.

In our backs there are violent sounds. Several bombs and guns are killing innocent people.

I was running very scared for saving my life. In the same time I am showing the way to the liberty to people, because they are familiar to me. In the middle of a little way and climbing in a hill there is a little boy.

He is two years old and I do not know why he is completely nude.

I saw him in the middle of the way and while I am running with desperation I took him in my arms and I embraced him with all my power.

Who is that little boy?

He is a chosen one. My soul could recognize him in the middle of the suffering. I felt his real name in my heart. He is a Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama is the ocean of wisdom. Every stone in the way, every flower in the hill, every tree in the forest, every bird… absolutely he knows the spiritual and scientific name.

The knowledge is inside him because he own the wisdom for ever. His happiness is the same wisdom and he does not need anything material.

That little boy is in my arms and we are now in the top of the mount. I am happy to help him.

Now we see the valley and there is not war, because there is calm. I sincerely believe that this is not a simple dream.

I have a beautiful feeling in my heart. Why I had this dream?

Until yesterday I did not know that Dalai Lama means ocean of wisdom.

After this dream I took the necessary time to search the information about Dalai Lama.

What is necessary for helping to humanity to find a real way the wisdom?

“Knowledge and spirituality should walk together.”


The Sanctuary

March 17, 2009

I saw your beautiful face and long hair with the movements of the sun’s rays. You are like an Eva in the prohibited garden. You are my garden that I saw since I was a child.

All your fruits was given to me. I enjoined all of them.

That juices are so sweet that my hands disappear in your body when the warm voice of the life tell our names.

I always wanted to touch you. The life has these incredible ways and from here does not matter the human time.

I wanted you with all the energy of my life… and I touched you once and I was born again as the son of the promise was born.

I saw my dear maiden directly to your eyes, because I have contemplated my own passion for you as somebody see the mirror of the life.

Now everything is magic, everything that I see I can recognize now your promise. You are inside me singing every day.

To whisper your name in the morning when the sun opens the flowers does that I feel the way to my real home.

I do not fear anything, only you know who I am, only you.

The Princess of the butterflies

March 13, 2009

I do not remember why I am here. I am in front of beautiful places, where the sun illuminates everything. Several gardens with flowers as a shine field of velvet.

The sky is blue and I can smelt the nature of the truth.

This is a magic garden. This is my secret garden. This is where I am hidden to the real world. I can see to everywhere and enjoy the beautiful of these wonderful places.

I am walking alone. In front of me are thousands of beautiful butterflies. All are so beautiful that it is impossible to distinguish to every one of them.

Their colors are amazing. Their wings push me air in my face and I can remember places before to have born.

I do not want to touch any of them because they are delicate.

In only one instant, in only one second I saw the most beautiful of all butterflies.

She is so beautiful that to see her does that my heart jumps constantly.

Thousands of them are in front of me, but she is the princess. I know that.

I want to be near her, but it is impossible. With any of my steps she disappears like the sun disappears when the night comes.

When I stop to walk she is in front of me again. Radiant with her wings movements. Very nice to see her dance. The happiness in her smile makes me happy.

I want to touch her, but now there is more distance.

I want to embrace her with all my passion for feeling her kingdom, but I know that it would be my last action. Finally, I understand that this magic garden is not real because this is a dream.

I wake up with her face in my mind. I start to walk alone again.  In the way are thousands of beautiful butterflies, but none of them like the princess that I saw.

Where the way ends, when all people ignores that I am breathing… she is in the gate of this magic garden.

I can recognize her in the distance. I can close my eyes and to feel where she is.

She is the most beautiful princess of all the butterflies. I hear her voice. I feel her laugh in the distance.

I do not know what to do. If I come back to my dreams I could loose her for ever.

If I continue there is another gate that it is impossible to see what are the colors of that places. I only want to rest. I would wish to fly as she flies but I cannot do that.

I press my hands to my ears.  I close my eyes and I don’t know how I can see that I am kneeling.

In front of me thousands of butterflies but I miss her. I miss her voice, I miss her face.

I want to see her eyes of princess once more. I know that this could be my last minute in my life.

I can feel the darkness comes to me. Everything is dark because the sun does not have brightness.

The beautiful places now are eroded. My tears wet the floor. Now I’m dying alone and I can’t see anything.

Everything is silence. No more colors. I wake up of this dream and I discover that my closed hands have something that I can’t see.

I wake up again and around me are few people with black clothes. Nobody known. I can’t move my body. I can’t speak and I can’t open my eyes.

What happened with me? I do not remember why I am here.

I am in front of dark places, where the night covers everything. There are several gardens without flowers as an eroded field of velvet.

The sky is black and I can smelt the nature of the death.

Finally, I remember that this is another dream and when I wake up…

I see my beautiful princess, in front of me with her girl’s eyes and I embrace her with all my passion knowing that this is my last dream, but I did it!!! because she is the Princess of all the most beautiful Butterflies.

Music of the spheres. Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)

February 14, 2009

karlheinz_stockhausen1Karlheinz Stockhause was born in the Burg Mödrath, the so-called “castle” of the village of Mödrathwas. He was a German musician and the pioneer in to experiment in electronic music and electronic sounds from the 50’s.

He explored with many sources of sounds to produce a unique style where the music electronic was not conceived as music in that decades.

A critic calls him “one of the great visionaries of 20th-century music” for its way to treated the sounds.

Basically, his experiments consisted in to manipulate human voices, sampling from recorded tapes and mixing with another sources of sounds.

Despite to be a composer not very known, actually his art and legacy have been very important in the contemporary electronic music, because he showed us a new way to compose music with transcendent abstraction.

Karlheinz Stockhausen was a visionary artist, because he was a great pioneer to do new sound exploring with musical textures where we are the voyagers.

His music was known as “electroacustic music”. There was another style of music production in France that was called “Concrete Music”.karlheinz_stockhausen21

How to hear the electroacustic music?

If we want to feel the sense of that music, we should not compare electroacustic music with the music that normally we hear.

In any style of music, we have compasses that produces rhythms depending of its style. In electroacustic music we have sounds, voices, textures, noises, atmospheres, waves of sounds that produce us feelings where we can feel fear, desolation, desperation.

Have you heard music with helicopters sounds?

Karlheinz Stockhausen composed sounds and music with helicopters sounds.

Our sense of audition tells us that they are noises, but from the art of Stockhausen they are only sounds, and that sounds can produce music.karlheinz_stockhausen3