Condorito: a real Chilean character

March 13, 2009

There are several stories about how this Chilean character know as Condorito was born.

In 1942 a movie called “Saludos Amigos” was created by Walt Disney for south American countries when the world was suffering the devastation of the second world war.  Interesting message.

In that movie Pedro is a little airplane that represents to Chile and he can’t cross the mountains (Cordillera de los Andes).

When the movie was watched by René Ríos Boettiger (1911-2000) who was a Chilean cartoonist known as “Pepo” (pseudonym), he thought after to have seen that movie:

that is not true ¡the Chilean people are not like that!

Immediately he took the pencil and started to draw different characters that show how the Chileans are.

He was thinking in a character that show to everybody the particular way of how Chileans enjoy to make humour.

The condor is a representative bird of Chile and south America and it was taken for to give life to this special character.


Condorito (diminutive of Condor) is an Andean condor with the scientific name of Vultur gryphus (Vultur).

Coat of Arms of Chile

Condorito is one of most important comic magazines in Chile, and probably one of the most representative character in all south America for Comic magazines.

The unique sense of humour really speaks for Chile. Every story, every funny situation is a story where the craftiness, the prank and why not the mischief appears in funny way.

Any story ends with the expression PLOP! That it means the perplexed of the situation.

What would be the life without jokes? A boring expression of the “it does not sense”.

The smile is proper of the human being, to laugh, to cry. We should have one smile per day for doing this world more sensitive in a good way.

It does not means to hide the reality, however it really would help us to see our weakness and strength end enjoy from a simple magazine.

Any character in this magazine represents a person, not only a Chilean person, but a character from any city around the world.


Condorito is a real character, he is also an international character without layer and a stupid mask.

He does not have a double personality. He shows us the another side of the humour where the unforeseeable appears in any second with an expressive PLOP! (what is that!)


Thank you Condorito for showing me where I am from, thanks plumifero (bird) !!!