The “New Media Design and Web Development” program

April 3, 2009

How can I define this program?

I define this program like one of the most important experiences in my life. There are several reasons why this program changed my vision of life.

I learned about the processes how to design digital media, but the most important is that I learned that any dream can be a reality.

I met new people, new friends, and new ways to say simply Gracias… “Thank you”.

I sincerely enjoyed any minute with my classmates. In my silence I always enjoyed to be part of this great class.

It is important the Goal, but for me it is important too the Way to this goal. Here is where we learn about the life.

I wish the best for everybody.


thank you very much dear friends,

you always will be in my heart.


The magic garden

April 3, 2009

I do not remember when was the first time that I heard about the magic garden.

I always thought that this place is only in tales of fantasy.

The life has its own methods to show us what are these magic places.

I have my own magic garden. That garden has rivers with shine waters.

The flowers are alive. All birds sing beautiful melodies that I composed for them.

Fields of colors and green hills are my borders. The sun is always present and the day, the evening and night have the same sensation.

I know that everybody wants a garden like my garden. But nobody knows why I have this wonderful place.

This was the gift that moved the world for thousands and thousands years. There are several ways to find it.

What is this magic garden?

Nothing to fear

April 2, 2009

I am in a dream. I am in an infinite stair that is touching the sky.

I am seeing the horizon, where the earth surface and the light are only one.

I am going up for the stair. I feel the breeze in my face and I can feel too the warm of the earth.

With me are few people. But I know what to do.

There is a balcony. Nobody wants to be near this balcony.

I am sure that I can fly. Now, I am in the border. The landscapes are wonderful.

An infinite blue ocean, green forests and a long distance from where I am and the floor.

When I look  down, I feel fear. I do not want to jump to the precipice.

I can feel the blood in my heart and almost all my heart beats.

Now, I remember that I am not alone. The owner of everything is with me, God is with me despite I can’t see him.

I see the sky again and taking a little breath… I jump.

In the dream I can fly wherever I want and I have nothing to fear.

When I woke up I could remember what happened in the dream, but the feeling is mine. I could fly for few minutes.

I do not know why I have this kind of dreams but I felt real.