The “New Media Design and Web Development” program

How can I define this program?

I define this program like one of the most important experiences in my life. There are several reasons why this program changed my vision of life.

I learned about the processes how to design digital media, but the most important is that I learned that any dream can be a reality.

I met new people, new friends, and new ways to say simply Gracias… “Thank you”.

I sincerely enjoyed any minute with my classmates. In my silence I always enjoyed to be part of this great class.

It is important the Goal, but for me it is important too the Way to this goal. Here is where we learn about the life.

I wish the best for everybody.


thank you very much dear friends,

you always will be in my heart.


2 Responses to The “New Media Design and Web Development” program

  1. Val Gregory says:

    Hi Juan,

    You used your blog for a variety of purposes and that is how it was intended to be used. I’m so glad that you have discovered the Dalai Lama — he is one of my heros and I have all of his books. Best of luck in your career. I enjoyed having you as a student.

  2. Nilou says:

    I have a very good time with you Juan.
    Wish you luck in your life.

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