Nothing to fear

I am in a dream. I am in an infinite stair that is touching the sky.

I am seeing the horizon, where the earth surface and the light are only one.

I am going up for the stair. I feel the breeze in my face and I can feel too the warm of the earth.

With me are few people. But I know what to do.

There is a balcony. Nobody wants to be near this balcony.

I am sure that I can fly. Now, I am in the border. The landscapes are wonderful.

An infinite blue ocean, green forests and a long distance from where I am and the floor.

When I look  down, I feel fear. I do not want to jump to the precipice.

I can feel the blood in my heart and almost all my heart beats.

Now, I remember that I am not alone. The owner of everything is with me, God is with me despite I can’t see him.

I see the sky again and taking a little breath… I jump.

In the dream I can fly wherever I want and I have nothing to fear.

When I woke up I could remember what happened in the dream, but the feeling is mine. I could fly for few minutes.

I do not know why I have this kind of dreams but I felt real.


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