Wisdom and Spirituality

I am in a dream, in that dream I was running with some people. I saw places from the middle of a mountain and the day’s hour is before midday.

With me there are few people. That people are suffering the devastation of the war.

In our backs there are violent sounds. Several bombs and guns are killing innocent people.

I was running very scared for saving my life. In the same time I am showing the way to the liberty to people, because they are familiar to me. In the middle of a little way and climbing in a hill there is a little boy.

He is two years old and I do not know why he is completely nude.

I saw him in the middle of the way and while I am running with desperation I took him in my arms and I embraced him with all my power.

Who is that little boy?

He is a chosen one. My soul could recognize him in the middle of the suffering. I felt his real name in my heart. He is a Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama is the ocean of wisdom. Every stone in the way, every flower in the hill, every tree in the forest, every bird… absolutely he knows the spiritual and scientific name.

The knowledge is inside him because he own the wisdom for ever. His happiness is the same wisdom and he does not need anything material.

That little boy is in my arms and we are now in the top of the mount. I am happy to help him.

Now we see the valley and there is not war, because there is calm. I sincerely believe that this is not a simple dream.

I have a beautiful feeling in my heart. Why I had this dream?

Until yesterday I did not know that Dalai Lama means ocean of wisdom.

After this dream I took the necessary time to search the information about Dalai Lama.

What is necessary for helping to humanity to find a real way the wisdom?

“Knowledge and spirituality should walk together.”


2 Responses to Wisdom and Spirituality

  1. My dear brother:

    I think, the child are you, yes you, because in general we project our special point of view over other, in this case Dalai Lama, perhaps you are searching answer about your mission in this life, and your angel answer you.

    God bless you


    • visualthoughts says:

      If that child is my own image, this is a revelation.
      I have in my memory details of that dream and I can draw every flower and to paint the colors in that places that I saw.
      What would be the life without Dalai Lamas my brother?
      the life without an Ocean of Wisdom.
      I do not renounce to my dreams. In my dreams everybody has a place in these beautiful places, but only few people understand that.
      You know that I am not speaking about “places”, but philosophies of life.
      This is my Princess my brother, this is my Princess of the Butterflies.

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