The Sanctuary

I saw your beautiful face and long hair with the movements of the sun’s rays. You are like an Eva in the prohibited garden. You are my garden that I saw since I was a child.

All your fruits was given to me. I enjoined all of them.

That juices are so sweet that my hands disappear in your body when the warm voice of the life tell our names.

I always wanted to touch you. The life has these incredible ways and from here does not matter the human time.

I wanted you with all the energy of my life… and I touched you once and I was born again as the son of the promise was born.

I saw my dear maiden directly to your eyes, because I have contemplated my own passion for you as somebody see the mirror of the life.

Now everything is magic, everything that I see I can recognize now your promise. You are inside me singing every day.

To whisper your name in the morning when the sun opens the flowers does that I feel the way to my real home.

I do not fear anything, only you know who I am, only you.


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